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The Kingdom of Meridies has a ranking system for its live weapon archers. Each rank is the average score for the archer's best 3 royal round scores as is used in the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC). Once an archer has submitted at least 3 scores to the keeper of the archery rankings, he or she is welcome to wear an archer's tassel that denotes their level according to color on their person or archery kit. (The directions for making the tassels are at the bottom of this document.) The archer's average is adjusted only if a greater score is submitted and once a rank is achieved, the archer holds it for life unless they raise it to a higher level. Archers are free to make their own tassels or they can be made and presented by a group's archery marshal or the DEMLW (Deputy Earl Marshal of Live Weapons).

A Royal Round is made using a standard 60cm archery target with 5 distinct colors, usually gold, red, blue, black, and white. An archer shoots at 20, 30, and 40 yards and the distance much be accurately measured. 6 arrows untimed are shot at each distance and a 30 second speed round is shot from the 20 yard distance. A full IKAC will have 2 complete Royal Rounds.

The archers listed below are in the order of their average. Archers who have submitted less than 3 scores are in a separate list below. They will be added to the main list when they have enough for their average. Only two scores may be submitted for rank from any given event, and they should be reported within a reasonable period of time after the event (two weeks at most). If an archer is allowed to shoot more than two Royal Rounds at an event, he or she may submit the best two results. Royal Round scores may be submitted from out-of-kingdom events provided that a warranted archery marshal from that kingdom supervised the shoot and submitted the information.

Scores should be sent to the Kingdom Scorekeeper, Conrad Engelhart


Consult the rankings table to determine the archer's current rank:

Average Score Rank Tassel
0-24 Archer White
25-44 Bowman Black
45-64 Marksman Blue
65-84 Woodsman Red
85-104 Yeoman Gold
105+ Toxophilite Gold and Green

View Current Meridian Archer Rankings